How could I forget these?

planning an escape route.jpg

Things have been so busy here that I didn’t even get time to post about these little guys yesterday. Three or so weeks ago I popped 18 Ixworth and Naked Neck eggs in the incubator and on Friday 5 little chicks hatched. I think we have 3 Naked Necks


and two Ixworths.



Then on Saturday another chick hatched out. Unfortunately he seemed to have some yolk or his insides outside. I left him in the incubator but checked on him regular. He is vigorously bopping about and has started to eat a little egg yolk. Things seem a bit better and he seems to be pooing OK – maybe it is just yuk and stuff that is still attached to him.

I am hoping to move him in with the other chicks in the brooder today, but first he had a special job to do. There was one egg left that still had a live chick in but no sign of pipping. He was there to give encouragement with his peeps to the other chick.

last chick hatching.jpg

And this morning the last little chick hatched out.

Monday mornings.jpg

This is a valuable lesson to me …. the majority of chicks can hatch on a Friday but the stragglers might not come along for another 3 days. Hatching can’t be rushed!

the gang

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