The Dreagantas


The Saturday before last Kainaat and I went to a working trial in Enfield – it was a UD championship trial. Basically my little boy did very well – he did an excellent track, didn’t run away when the gun was fired and did a very good control round. Except he did do pretty rubbish heelwork while that was being marked, only to do wonderful heelwork for the rest of the control round in between the various tasks.


This all meant that we qualified UDex – yay to us – we also came third! However, it wasn’t just a good day for Kainaat it was a brilliant day for his brother and sister as well.


His brother Rory, the red and white collie on the right came first in the UDex level (he has also recently got his WD and TD open qualifications – a very clever and utterly gorgeous dog).

His sister  Teala (in the middle) came first in the CDex level. She is the spitting image of Kainaat but just a  bit smaller – she is also totally adorable.  At trials we frequently meet up with the two Johns and Teala and Rory. It is lovely to see how they are doing and to catch up on sibling antics. All in all it was a very good day for the Dreaganta family.

After all that excitement we came home and spent a few days playing with the sheep.

working sheep.JPG

working sheep2.JPG

N.B. their mum was a black and white collie and their dad was red and white – this explains the red highlights Kainaat has in his fur during the summer.


3 responses to “The Dreagantas

  1. How cool. What a pleasant story. Trials being won, family reacquainted and some dog genealogy. Fantastic!!!
    Well done Kai (and Clare of course)!

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