Parmesan Club


The first rule of Parmesan Club is (obviously) that you don’t talk about Parmesan Club. However, I have special dispensation to mention it this once. For a number of years I have been a member. My friends George and Tina a few times a year buy a magnificent 40kg Parmesan direct from the producer. This one here is 36-months old. It is the best Parmesan I have ever eaten – much better than even the best you can get from a shop over here. I often eat it just in chunks or slivers – grating it almost seems wasteful – but not quite.

Anyway the Parmesan is cut and we all take large chunks of it home with us. Luckily I was there last week when the Parmesan was cut – this is not an easy task. Seeing and smelling a freshly cut Parmesan is something really quite special though.

parmesan half

But not as special as this.

parmesan and asparagus

George made steamed asparagus in melted butter with shaved Parmesan and the most perfectly cooked free-range Pekin duck eggs (wonder where they came from?). It was utterly delicious and definitely worth just a tiny, little smug moment.

N.B. My asparagus bed is officially dead – it is now underneath the currant section of the fruit cage. Next spring I will plant a new one and this time (surprise operations not withstanding) I will keep it weedfree by mulching it with straw – mulching is the way ahead.

4 responses to “Parmesan Club

    • You could set your own club up – just get some friends or neighbours who want to buy Parmesan and get in touch with a cheese maker and buy direct – community buying is great!

  1. Claire. I’ve recently discovered how to saute asparagus in olive oil, with fresh pressed garlic, then add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and allow to cook at low heat until done to your taste. Salt and gobble it up. Would probably pair well with your cheese!!

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