Lambing Live at Shottisham Campsite

lots of pregnant sheep.jpg

I am spending what seems to be an unseemly amount of time on my knees behind my sheep peering at their rear ends. No, don’t even go there ….. I am looking to see if they are bagging up – and they are. Their udders are getting round and full of milk in preparation for lambing.

bagging up.jpg

The first four ewes are due to lamb on Sunday. Yes, lambing live (the uncut version) comes to the Shottisham Campsite this bank holiday weekend. Well, after the ducklings at Easter I knew I had to up our game for the first May bank holiday. So in between reading drafts of student dissertations I will be anxiously watching my sheep.  I am oscillating between excitement and terror. It is exhilarating  watching sheep lamb but I am so inexperienced that it also puts me on the verge of panic in case something goes wrong.


Last Saturday we prepared the maternity quarters. We cleaned out the sheep shelter, put down new straw and got the supplies ready. It is looking pretty good I think.

maternity wing.jpg

pens and supplies.jpg

There are four stalls for four ewes


James also rigged up an automatic waterer to the IBC we have that collects the rainwater from the shed.


Most importantly we have kept this field empty for a while so we do have some OK-ish grass in it.


I have dates for all of the sheep apart from Bobtail. We weren’t even sure that she got tupped – she has dark brown wool and the raddle on the ram was running low. So what do you think – pregnant or just very very greedy and fat?


I think pregnant, but who knows when she is due.

I am currently off to London for two days and I am really, really hoping that the lambs don’t come early – keep your legs crossed girls please

6 responses to “Lambing Live at Shottisham Campsite

  1. Ha! This is my first year living with sheep and I have spent a lot of time this year looking under them. I’ve learned that as soon as I am turning into a nervous new farmer whose just sure my full- uddered-3 -times- their -normal -size- sheep are about to pop….then I can be sure it’ll be two more weeks!

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