5am lambs


At 5am this morning James checked on the expectant ewes before he went to work and there were two newly-born lambs. I leapt out of bed and went to sit with them for an hour – trying to encourage them to get some colostrum. Both seem well although the mum isn’t so keen on being a good mum to the second lamb at the moment. In fact she is being rather hostile which is a shame.


There will be more lambing live updates throughout the day and the weekend so check back for some better photos later.


Can I just add that I have no idea what possessed me to attempt to arrange our lambing to start on a busy bank-holdiay weekend on the campsite, the weekend before my undergraduate students hand in their final year dissertation so all want last minute drafts read and commented on ….. and then knowing all of this I agreed to send a book manuscript off to a publisher on Tuesday …. really, what is wrong with me?


Off to check on the lambs now … three more ewes to lamb this weekend ….


8 responses to “5am lambs

  1. My friend says many of us need a workshop on time management….but its just one more thing to work in! So yeah, live and learn I say. Hopefully next year you’ll look ahead in your calendar and rethink your plans a titch. I’m working on stress management myself and have decided to give up cleaning!! Love you Claire and James!!

  2. I’ve been on tenterhooks for your lambing. Lovely to see the safe arrival of the first two, though I hope mum accepts the second one quickly and you don’t end up with a lamb in the kitchen!

    • She is headbutting it less and he manages to sneak a drink – we might be OK. She has been poorly though too – it is non-stop here at the moment. How are your chicks doing? Ours went to live outside in a special chick shed yesterday

      • They’re doing great thanks. I’m continually amazed how fast chicks grow; it’s incredible. Wing feathers already appearing and looking forward to, hopefully, pullets. I know, I know, I said I wanted meat birds but I’d love to ramp up egg production too! All the NN have combs, so I’m not sure whether they’re all roosters or it’s a breed trait…any ideas?

  3. I can’t remember what mine were like last year – to be honest I can barely remember yesterday at the moment! Don’t forget they are tasty – but they do lay OK as well. I will go and look at my little birdies and see if they have combs too. I need to pop some more in the incubator – I bought a second one – bad me!

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