Lambing Tales

Prince and mum.jpg

Some of you have asked how Prince, the little rejected lamb has been getting along. Well here he is snuggled up to his mum. Yes, I had tied her in the corner so she couldn’t headbutt him, but gradually she has got more used to him. He is now able to feed from her on his own. He is a smart, cunning lamb. He either goes in while she is eating

Prince and mum feeding

Or while she is snuffling and cooing over The Revolution

getting along

Clever lamb.

He is getting cuddles from me and all the campsite people so he isn’t missing out on attention.


It hasn’t been easy with this ewe though. On Saturday she got poorly. She was lying down, not eating and had terrible diarrhea. I gave her a lot of the very expensive Multi-lamb rapid super pick-me-up medicine and she seemed to improve. And yes, now you ask, drenching a sheep (i.e pouring fluid down its throat) single-handedly was not an easy, fun or clean task!

Prince and the Revolution

Prince and The Revolution

I thought the diarrhea had cleared up and on Saturday night, after a very long day I was holding Prince behind her to feed – he had a choice of teats that way. Suddenly there was something very soft and very warm. My mind obviously wanted to protect me and went milk – the realistic bit of me said – yeah right, it doesn’t pour out of them like that. Prince‘s head got totally covered, and so did my hands and arms, it was not milk – yay another high point.

I cleaned us up. Mum is now free in the pen and everyone is kind of getting along.

The Revolution.jpg

The Revolution having a snooze – he does this a lot


In other news, 35 (who had triplets) is doing fine, she is being a good mum, a very good mum.



However, she had mastitis last year and now only has milk from one quarter. The two lambs are suckling but not getting enough. Anyway, I am bottle feeding her remaining two lambs – Ziggy and Aladdin – they are doing well, but thank goodness I managed to get the other lamb adopted.



She is another one that will be going at the end of the summer.

N.B. I am only surviving by eating lovely home-reared, home-cured bacon sandwiches with fried sourdough and rocket from the coldframe

bacon and rocket sandwich.jpg

N.B.I promise I will talk about other things tomorrow …. there has been a lot happening here.

5 responses to “Lambing Tales

  1. Personally I’m finding all the lamb tales very riveting. Think about them and you in my middle of night awake times, worry about them, cheer when you report good news. Can’t get enough actually. I know you must at some point go on to other news but know I am quite content with all stories of lambing. Bless you in all your care of mums and babies during this intense time. Wonderful midwife and nurse.

    • Thank you Chris – lambing kind of takes over much of my life for a few weeks – well lambing and marking at the moment, but marking isn’t so interesting to write about! Sending you love 🙂 xx

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