Bee Shed and Swarming ….


I have a bee shed – James and Jim built it for me – it is wonderful. And look a bumblebee has already come to visit.

It has plenty of space for storage of equipment and a work bench for me to build hives and frames.


This weekend, on Saturday, I checked my hives and in one they had built and sealed about 10 queen cells. There were a lot of bees so it didn’t look as if they had swarmed, but they had their bags packed and were ready to go. I don’t know why they wanted to swarm, there was space in the brood box. I am wondering if it was related to their stores getting rather depleted – any ideas?

view from shed

view from my shed

Of course I couldn’t find the queen so I couldn’t do a regular artificial swarm. I did a bit of research on the interest and found a new way of doing an artificial swarm – new to me.

I took the original brood box and placed it a metre away with the entrance facing a different direction. I placed a new box with foundation in on the old site. I took one frame of brood and eggs (but no sealed queen cells) from the old hive and placed it in the new one (on the original site). The idea is that the flying bees will go back to original site and the new box which will leave the original box on its new site a lot more empty and might stop the bees swarming. I am meant to check in a week.


Of course I didn’t have enough made-up frames so I had to try putting foundation in some already-made frames for the first time – I am sure I will get better at it …..

making frames

Then on Tuesday, while down at the alpaca disco I saw a swarm of bees off looking for a new home. Sure, it could be a swarm from elsewhere, but realistically it is probably my bees heading off on new adventures.

The bad beekeeping continues, I can only hope that the new shed improves matters.


N.B. I am thinking about putting a chair in here and a kettle and just escaping – I love the shed πŸ™‚

12 responses to “Bee Shed and Swarming ….

  1. You are a very lucky lady! I have wanted a bee she’s for years….yours is a beautiful example of one, perhaps I’ll show my hubby yours as an example of what I would like πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you. I love my bee shed – I just wish I had time to go and do bee things there, but I am sure I will be able to one day πŸ™‚ James likes building sheds – he also made me a chick shed – to keep my chicks in!

  2. Lovely shed.
    What makes you so sure the bees haven’t swarmed? If you couldn’t find the queen, and there were no eggs, and you had sealed swarm cells, and there seemed to be plenty of room in the brood box … it suggests they’ve swarmed. But then you do say you had a frame of brood with eggs in it. I’ll be interested to learn what happens.
    Still wish I had a shed like that though.

    • Thank you. I think they hadn’t swarmed (although I am a beginner beekeeper so could get it wrong) as there seemed to be as many if not more bees in the hive than when I looked previously (about two weeks ago) – there were lots of eggs as well and I can never find the queen (as I am rubbish). I will look again at the weekend and let you know what I find.

  3. Well, Claire’s shed needs a special name not just bee shed. It is a very nice shed, could it be abode of ……….

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  5. Isn’t it an apiary? That’s not really a nice word to pronounce and I can’t think of anything that rhymes with it!?!?! What about Balarisa – Turkish for honeybee?

  6. My apiary is where i keep the hives. How about arisundurmasi – ‘bee shed’ in Turkish (without the correct diacritics etc) – or ‘the abode of honey’ – dar-i bal

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