Lamb visits @ShottishamCampsite

Lambs outside

Come and visit the new lambs this Saturday (7th May), help with feeding and cuddling and maybe, if the timing is right, watch some lambs being born.

Instead of egg collection this Saturday evening I will be taking people to visit the lambs so if you fancy a close up look and a little cuddle come along to Shottisham Campsite for 6pm.

I am supplementing three of the lambs with bottle feeding – Prince because his mum isn’t very nice, but also Ziggy and Aladdin as their mum had mastitis last year and now only one quarter is producing milk.

bottle feeding.jpg

So if you fancy having a go at bottle feeding a lamb come and visit ….

James bottle feeding.jpg

The lambs are at their most playful in the evening it seems right now – they love exploring the pen, jumping and having races.

Lambs and Mums.jpg

Luckily I don’t have to feed them all …


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