Turkey Mole


Last weekend was a bank holiday here – it was a busy weekend at the campsite/smallholding as lambing started as well. At some point on Saturday morning, in between sorting out the new lambs and campers I thought it would be prudent to make a big dish of something to eat over the weekend. I made turkey mole using a recipe from Gray over at foodisthebestshitever – I love his blog – not only are there fabulous recipes but it provides the best distraction from work 🙂

I made mine with turkey – I am sure I had a reason for doing this, but can’t remember now. I also didn’t shred the meat – couldn’t be bothered – lazy me.

toasted almons and sesame seeds

Turkey Mole: three turkey breasts (about2kg); 4 cloves (I couldn’t find mine so used a generous pinch of ground clove); 2 cinnamon sticks; 80g of very dark chocolate; 2 tins of tomatoes; 1 cup of chicken stock; oil. For the almond paste: little handful of tortilla crisps (I used nachos!); 80g raisins; 80g toasted almonds; 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds; 2 tbs toasted sesame seeds; 1tbs toasted coriander seeds; 4 cloves garlic; couple of dried red chillis; cup of water.

grinding coriander

Blitz the almond paste ingredients together. Fry paste off in a large deep casserole dish.

mole paste

Add all the other ingredients, but not the turkey. Simmer for about 30 minutes. Don’t leave it alone while you check on the lambs and let it burn on the bottom a bit!

Roasted turkey breast for 15-20 minutes. Chop the meat (or shred) and add to sauce. Season.

for the rice

We had it with rice and beans with coriander and sliced radish from the garden.

finished dish

The sauce  sloped in the bowl is not brilliant presentation, but I had been up since 5am and worked all day until gone 8pm so it is a miracle I even managed to take a photo of it.

This just got better over the next couple of days!

8 responses to “Turkey Mole

  1. No moles where harmed in the making of this dish! Although there must be someone willing to shoot them on site along with rabbits, pigeons, the odd dear…….;-)

  2. I love it. Almost makes me feel like eating turkey… almost :).
    Funny thing – a post of yours appeared on my friends facey page today. Turns out he is a fan of your work as well :).

    • I am also not a huge fan of eating turkey – which might be why we haven’t tried really hard to hatch any little turkeys this year, but ….. our heritage turkeys are pretty good – they come with lots of lovely fat. I think turkey breasts were the first thing I found in the freezer! This was really, really good – thank you 🙂

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