I had an organic whole salmon in the freezer that needed to make room for bones, sausages and other porcine products and bunches and bunches of dill in the garden so last weekend I made gravadlax.

bunches of dill.jpg

First I had to fillet the salmon – let’s just say I could do with more practice, but it isn’t too bad

salmon and dill.jpg

For the cure I used the guidance in Tim Hayward’s book Food DIY: how to make your own everything – I love this book, we got it while on our way to Islay a couple of years ago.

Gravadlax: a whole organic or sustainable fished wild salmon; 150g seasalt; 150g sugar; 30g coriander seeds; 50g black pepper; 200g dill; a few extra sprigs of dill.

Fillet your salmon – save the trimmings, head etc and make fish stock/soup or do what I did and feed them to your dog. Kainaat has been eating these and eggs for the past week. No, it isn’t a waste of a good fish head – I love my dog and he doesn’t often get a chance to eat fish. Obviously I don’t love him enough to actually buy him dog food … don’t be ridiculous – he lives on smallholding offcuts … a bit like me and James.


Toast and grind the coriander.


Mix and grind in a pestle and mortar the salt and sugar – add the ground pepper and coriander to the mix.

dill and salt and sugar.jpg

Chop the dill.

chopped dill.jpg

Place the salmon fillets next to each other on a couple of overlapping layers of clingfilm.

Cover with the dill.

dill on salmon.jpg

Then rub over the curing mix.

cure on salmon.jpg

You can at this point lay some sprigs of dill on top – apparently it helps when you flip things over – I am not sure it makes a difference – flip with confidence and you will be fine. So flip one fillet onto of the other and then tightly wrap the both in more cling film.

and extra dill.jpgwrapping the salmon.jpg

Place in a plastic container in the fridge for 48 hours.


Unwrap and scrape off the cure – pat dry.

washed of cure.JPG

Slice as thin as you can or like – mine was quite chunky.


I packaged it up and froze it so we can eat it over the next few months with salad, potatoes, leek fitters …. have I mentioned  that this week we have mainly eaten leeks every single day …. they were about to flower so I had to pick them all. More on that later ……


It is delicious and I plan on making some Danish Fox Sauce to have with it…

N.B. so much easier than going to the shop to buy it – I ordered the salmon on-line as it is quite tricky to purchase organic or wild whole salmon in the UK.

4 responses to “Gravadlax

    • Thank you – I want to try beetroot gravadlax next. I made smoked salmon with the other salmon I bought – it was good, but I need to cure it for longer next time I think …. work in progress 🙂

  1. You are seriously my kinda cook!
    I love love love your hands on, from scratch, truly farm to table approach to food.
    You did a marvelous job here with the salmon,fillet and all, heehee! Keep doing what you’re doing ❤

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