Feeding Lambs

feeding Ziggy

I have been supplementary feeding a couple of the lambs – Ziggy and Echo. Echo’s mum didn’t seem to be producing enough milk for the first couple of days – although everything looks OK now.  And I was giving Ziggy and his brother Aladdin a little extra milk as their mum only had one quarter producing.

Luckily I have had some help with this from the campsite kids.

Faeren feeding Ziggy

Katie feeding Ziggy


Even James had a go

James bottle feeding.jpg

Now I just feed Ziggy as he rushes over to me and greedily drinks some milk before bouncing off to play with his friends – I secretly kind of like this….

4 responses to “Feeding Lambs

    • As of yesterday lunch-time they have all arrived – I will post about the 4 born yesterday tomorrow. The count so far is 4 ewe lambs and 9 ram lambs!

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