Ho Fun noodles with leeks and mushrooms

finished dish

Last weekend I harvested the rest of our leeks as they were about to go to flower (I left a few to flower as I thought it would be nice for me and the bees). So this week we have been mainly eating leeks, every day!

On Friday I used some of the delicious mushrooms I picked up from China town on Thursday: fresh shiitake, enoki and beech mushrooms.


Ho Fun Noodles with leeks and mushrooms: fresh ho fun rice noodles; 5-6 leeks, thinly sliced; couple of handfuls of assorted mushrooms; three cloves of garlic; 4cm of ginger peeled and finely chopped; soy sauce – maybe 3 tbs; ketcap manis maybe 2tbs (I just guess it); a generous slosh of rice wine; fresh coriander to serve; sunflower oil.

Cook the mushrooms in some of the oil – remove. Cook the sliced leeks, add the ginger and garlic. Cook the Ho Fun noodles in boiling water, drain. Add the mushrooms into the leeks and the noodles and continue to stir fry. Mix together the soy sauces and rice wine. Add to the veggies and noodles and let it bubble a bit. Serve with chopped coriander.

This was very very good and quick – perfect Friday dinner.

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