Fox Attack


We had a fox attack last night. At least four birds were killed. A couple of our silkies sleep outside, despite our best efforts – it is a risk they take.

dead silkie2.jpg

But it was worse than this. The cage door to our broody area run has been left open recently during the day. We didn’t think any of the eggs would hatch and we were going to clean it out. We were hoping the broody hens might snap out of it. Of course the door to the area should have been shut last night, but it wasn’t.

A fox went in and dragged all the broody hens from their nests. But it is worse …..

dead silkie

On one nest the chicks were starting to hatch. A newly hatched chick was lying dead on the empty nest

dead chick

Another lay just outside at the opening to the little coop….. I looked, it moved a little.

It was alive, but freezing cold and near death I think. I gathered it up and went back to the house and popped it in the newly-vacated incubator where the warm air and humidity fluffed it up – I think it will do fine.

lucky chick

Then I went to collect the dead hens and from the corner of my eye I saw another small movement.

surviving silkie

This silkie was still alive. I carried her back to the house and checked (and tended to) her injuries – she has a wound to the back of her neck, but chickens, if they survive an attack can heal well. She is badly shocked, but I am hoping that she will improve and I can put her with the chick to look after.


And where, you might ask, were the so-called guard alpacas, the llama pajama army? Well we had moved them to the field next to the lambs. They were nearby, but not in the same field so couldn’t kick any trespassing foxes.

This has not been a very good start to the day – and this is a minor point in the scale of things, but during the attack the surviving silkie got covered in broken rotten egg – probably one of the eggs that wasn’t viable and had been pushed aside in the coop – I now smell of rotten egg.

13 responses to “Fox Attack

    • Thank you – we just got too complacent I guess. The alpacas are back with the chooks now – hoping things will be OK tonight

  1. Aww, poor little things 😦 I guess a fox has to eat as well, but it’s so horrible…..
    How’s little Orphan Annie?

  2. Sorry to hear this. Goes to show how important the alpacas are (and not just an excuse for an observation tower – and a disco of course)! Xx

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