SE Asian Dumplings


Last weekend I made dumplings using the wonton wrappers I got from China Town in London.

stuffed dumpling.jpg

We tried them three ways: steamed, fried and then steamed, just fried.


fried dumplings

We like the steamed ones best.


For a filling I mixed some minced pork (from our Oxford, Sandy and Black pigs) with some leeks gently fried in oil, some fresh coriander, an egg and some soy sauce.

fried and steamed

fried and then steamed

I made a lot and we ate ourselves silly.

We had them with three different dipping sauces: soy sauce; sweet chilli sauce; and a mix of black vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seeds.


I will be making these again, but might next time include some more vegetables in the meal!

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