Alpaca Disco

Alpaca disco.JPG

We’re building an alpaca disco as I have decided to teach the alpacas to dance. Well not really, they can already dance, but I am teaching them to dance in formation.


We think it will be a huge selling point for the campsite. Where else can you camp and watch an entertaining alpaca dance show?

alpaca disco2.JPG



But as part of the show we have erected a tent – the alpacas will come out of the tent in single file and then dance. If the weather is bad, we can also have the dance shows in the tent – kind of like a big top.


I have already started working with the alpacas. Can you guess who is the best dancer?

There will be fairy lights and a glitter ball and everything. What’s not to like?

13 responses to “Alpaca Disco

    • umm – I see what you are saying, but they suggested it in the first place. I was initially surprised, but have long since learnt not to argue with the alpacas 🙂

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