The Duckling Bus and the Chick that Quacked

duckling bus

This is the duckling bus. It takes the ducklings outside to play in the dog crate so they get some fresh air and grass to eat. They are too little to live outside all by themselves yet.

outside playpen

Of course a couple of the ducklings always escape


Really, trying to get them to stay in the bus  involves wrangling a squirming heap of yellow fluff – which of course is a total hardship.

Sometimes one makes a bid for freedom

on a mission.jpg

But have you noticed the odd duck among the ducklings?

Yes, the little naked neck chick rescued from the fox attack is living with them and learning to quack.

ducklings and naked neck.jpg

Unlike the ducklings who are total scardy-cats the naked neck is nonchalant in the face of danger – after all he has survived the big bad fox.


But the ducklings really need to move outside and live in the duckling palace in the pear garden and that means that the current inhabitants will need to vacate the premises …. gulp or is that yum?

8 responses to “The Duckling Bus and the Chick that Quacked

    • Maybe salad and ducklings – I think baby lettuces are cute and they go well with roast duck ……

      Oh – ducklings are really messy – vegetables are much easier 🙂

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