Robbing the Workers


I was on strike yesterday and Wednesday – well not just me, but the whole union. So instead of doing the day job I went and hung out with a very industrious collective of workers.

Well, not so much hung out with as robbed.

super frames1.jpg

I took some honey from a couple of my hives.

Why yes, the irony of me creaming off a disproportional share of the profits produced solely through the efforts of the workers (although to be fair I do provide and maintain the infrastructure, but they do all the real work) while being on strike in the hope of getting a fairer share of said profits albeit in a different context was not lost on me.


I spun off honey from a few super frames from two hives. I did it early as we have an oilseed rape field across from us and I was worried about crystallization.


It is delicious. A completely different colour and taste from last year’s honey, but lovely nonetheless.

honey flow2.jpg

The bits you see in the honey are wax from the comb. I pour the honey through two sieves to remove these.


Luckily I had some help with tasting the honey – two kids from the campsite pronounced it the best honey they had ever tasted and so I obviously encouraged them to taste some more šŸ™‚

I took about 16lbs which is an all-time record for me.


N.B. The bees have their own form of industrial action – if they don’t like the terms and conditions, they swarm and go and live elsewhere.

N.B. I feel I should add that I only take a little bit of honey for myself, I leave most of it for the bees, no really I do ……

6 responses to “Robbing the Workers

  1. Who’s been a busy bee then šŸ˜Š better than being at work šŸ˜‰ just wish I could be there to taste it. It does look rather yummy šŸ˜‹ x

    • I am a bit allergic to bee stings, but I don’t get stung too often – if your husband didn’t manipulate the bees, he would probably be fine.

  2. Magical Claire! So pleased for you that you got a good amount this time. Raw honey is the BEST medicine ever.

    • I am so excited about it – I have been eating it on toast. as soon as we get some strawberries and other soft fruit I will be eating it with them and yoghurt. Might also try adding it to some rhubarb later in the week xx

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