Dead Sheep

dead sheep2.jpg

Yesterday evening one of our ewes didn’t look very well. I got her into the shelter and gave her some ewe boost medicine and some food. She was all skin and bones and her fleece was coming away from her skin. She didn’t look good.

This morning she was dead leaving little Aretha and Bowie as orphans. She was the sheep who adopted one of the triplets.

dead sheep.jpg

I guess the knackerman was on to something when he said he was betting on the ewes as we took her there for disposal this morning.

Not all fun and games on the smallholding.

So far Aretha has happily and greedily accepted being bottle fed which is a relief – Bowie is a little more wary.

feeding Aretha

N.B. I drenched the sheep with anti-fly-strike stuff this afternoon just to be on the safe side, but I don’t know if it will work with all their fleece on – hopefully it will.

2 responses to “Dead Sheep

  1. How long will you need to bottle feed them? And how often a day? Hope its not long!! btw, you look GREAT Claire. Love your braids.

    • I am trying to feed them twice a day – will do it for a few more weeks. They also have lamb nuts in the creep and grass of course – I love the plaits/braids as well – keeps my hair from getting too tangly 🙂

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