The Secret Pool

pool and houses

Yesterday in between dealing with orphan lambs, making a lamb creep, drenching the sheep with flystrike medicine, killing and preparing ducks, dealing with a busy bankholiday campsite, egg collection and fixing up the glamping area we took half an hour to go to our local beach Shingle Street.

flowering sea kale.jpg

It was a warm day, gloriously sunny and a bankholiday Saturday. The beach was deserted apart from a few beach fishermen off in the distance and a largish group that came as we were leaving. I speculate wildly that they were out of towners as when I said hello to them they looked right through me as if I was invisible.

looing north

It was low-ish tide and we walked around the shingle banks. The tides and currents have created new, exciting features. The bank to the right that I swam across to last year is gone, but instead there is a long narrow pool that even at low tide had water in. The pool is sheltered from the wind by high shingle banks and I think that later in the summer it will become our favourite swimming place.


As it was, yesterday we just lay and sunbathed for a while out of the wind, made more crazy plans and threw a ball for the dog.



8 responses to “The Secret Pool

    • Kill, then dunk in just off the boil water for about 20 seconds – squish duck around in water so it gets between all the feathers, remove, wrap in newspaper for a minute or two or longer, and then pluck by hand. I think timing the kill of Pekins is important. The one we did last week at 8 weeks was great – the ones this week at 9 weeks were much harder.

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