Smoked Duck


I am exhausted. We have been working at least 12-hour days this long weekend between the campsite, processing ducks, sorting out sheep, doing the glamping tent, the polytunnel and sorting out the vegetable garden.

But if you work like a farmer you need to eat like a farmer. Last night I hot-smoked a couple of pekin duck breasts from one of the ducks we had killed and processed this weekend. I grabbed a couple of lettuces from the garden, made some caesar dressing, used up some sourdough bread for croutons and I had this salad for dinner (James had pork burgers for the third night running – his idea of heaven).

This morning I processed the last of the ducks and packaged up a couple of nice whole ducks for our lovely friends who helped us out with the polytunnel (more on that later); froze 10 legs for confit;  the livers for pate, feet for kainaat, breasts to cure or smoke,  and the hearts for a snack; and roasted some of the carcasses for duck fat and then made stock.


After this I was pretty tired so I made this sandwich for lunch: sourdough bread with thinly sliced hot-roasted duck breast, home-made chilli jelly and homegrown lettuce. It is an amazing sandwich and really started to make things better and give me strength for an afternoon working in the garden.


it was only slightly spoilt by the tiny slug that crawled out of it half way through me eating it ….


Why isn’t my life perfect?


N.B. This could be a potential sandwich for the food truck one day ….

8 responses to “Smoked Duck

  1. Would be great perhaps without the extra protein snack crawling out though hahaha😆 you’re such an inspirational farmer Claire love the blog and the recipes it keeps me going 😋 x

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