The Poly Tunnel

Poly tunnel.jpg

Everyone needs a plan B – and dreams, definitely dreams. This is our plan B and in answer to everyone who asks, we will be growing dreams in our polytunnel.

It has been quite a process …

the site.jpg


moon rising

hoops going up


We had planned to have it finished by very early May so I could be planting in it and because we knew that May would be really busy with the campsite, lambing, book deadlines and a million other projects. However, we were kind of left in the lurch with building it – we hoped it wouldn’t be the case, but we sort of expected it.

Anyway, last weekend James and I worked on it and managed to get the side ventilation panels finished and in the week James worked late into the evening finishing the doors and sorting outstanding problems.

first plastic.jpg

the side ventilation

But really we didn’t know how we would finish it. And then our wonderful friends from here and the campsite came and saved us. With their help we not only managed to get the plastic on, but tightened and battened in place and the side ventilation fixed and winded up as well.

putting the tape on

wonderful friends.jpg


before tightening

front view.jpg

Thank you to everyone who helped and/or offered help this last week – the wind caused a number of last minute changes of plans! We couldn’t have done it without you all. We are so lucky to have friends who come to our rescue; people who are happy to help out others; friends we can rely on – thank you for helping us grow dreams.

N.B. Not quite there yet, but getting close ….. really close

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