Home-grown Trees


Ann and Faeran grew some trees from seed. I didn’t even know this was something you could do – yes, I appreciate this makes me look slightly stupid, but I just thought that growing trees was something rather miraculous.

Anyway, they grew this little tree and Faeran decided she wanted to plant it on the campsite/smallholding.Β  So this is exactly what we did while Katie documented the proceedings with her phone.


I think it is great that Faeran will be able to watch the tree grow over the decades and remember the day we planted it. She is also going to water it so will be able to closely watch its progress over the next few years.


Our campsite and smallholding needs more trees, so if you have any spare and fancy planting one here please let me know as we would love to plant it with you.


N.B. Thank you Katie and Martin for the photos.

N.B. I need to brush my hair more often obviously!

10 responses to “Home-grown Trees

  1. Great work guys. Don’t forget to water it, Faeren. A very cute way to remember some of your Shottisham days/years.
    Claire, I’m sorry for the bad hair moment. A farmers life!?!?!? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • I have a nasty feeling that much of my life consists of bad hair moments. If it looks vaguely OK from the front, I settle for that!

  2. Oh I’m glad you’ve posted this! We have an oak and chestnut tree next door and a walnut tree in our garden. This means the squirrels have helped make a million saplings all over my garden! When I next come up I will dug up a load of the to plant in the field with Nathan. Bringing Essex to Suffolk one tree at a time πŸ™‚

  3. Too bad we are so far. I’ve got a loads of red and silver maple trees that love to sprout up all over. AND they can be tapped for syrup! You should put out the call for maple trees….well, if they do well in England. They love Minnesota.

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