A perfect early summer day

Bobtail babysitting.jpgOn Sunday we moved our sheep and lambs to the middle fields. There is some long lush grass for them to feast on there.

sheep and lambs near hedge

The sun was shining and the field look beautiful full of sheep grazing and lambs frolicking.

new field.jpg

It looks even more beautiful if you gaze in the general direction of the polytunnel of dreams

sheep and polytunnel

We set up a creep for the lambs in the shed

the lamb creep.jpg

creep in use.jpg

James also set up an IBC to catch water from the shelter when it rains and linked it to an automatic waterer. Kindly Echo agreed to stand next to it.


I am still feeding Ziggy and Aretha (and sometimes Bowie). I have to say that Aretha is the scrummist lamb ever – I am keeping her for breeding.



And then I cleaned out the lambing shelter and put away all the medicines and bits and pieces. Next up ….. shearing.

N.B. Do you see Kainaat sitting quietly. A couple of days ago some of the lambs came up and snuggled him, but of course I didn’t have my camera.


7 responses to “A perfect early summer day

  1. The lambs are all so beautiful!! Well done you! Well done mummy sheep!
    Might we come and watch some shearing?

    Felt lady πŸ˜€

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