Broccoli, lemon and chilli pasta

finished dish.jpg

I meant to post this a month ago, but forgot. But as it is so good and easy I thought I would post it now. While we have psb and later when we have calabrese this is one of our favourite pasta dishes especially as it is so quick to make.


Broccoli, lemon and chilli pasta: pasta; broccoli (of some sort); parmesan, garlic, chilli, zest and juice of a lemon; olive oil.

Put on a pan of water and bring to the boil. Add pasta, when it is a few minutes from being cooked add in the broccoli. Gently warm through the chopped garlic and chilli in some olive oil. When cooked, drain. Toss with garlic and olive oil, lemon zest and juice. Serve with Parmesan.



You can upgrade this dish by making some pangrattato to add to the mix. To make pangrattato heat up some oil in a pan and cook some breadcrumbs until golden and crispy. You can cook an onion first and then add the breadcrumbs or add in pine nuts as well.

We had the pasta with a radish and rocket salad.





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