Rhubarb Smoothie


I am a creature of habit in many ways. I tend to eat the same breakfast every day for months before suddenly changing to something else. Fruit and eggs are always involved though – often stewed fruit with yoghurt and nuts, or a home-made smoothie.

picked rhubarb

I like to think that my habitual, rather ritualistic eating habits are following in the footsteps of Wittgenstein, who for some reason I  always picture sitting in a deck chair eating the same sandwich for lunch everyday. I have a feeling this is from the film Wittgenstein’s Poker but I am not sure. This, together with his theory of language/meaning and  notion of communities of language users, is what I remember about studying Wittgenstein at university. The latter especially (but also maybe the lunch thing) – and I do not exaggerate here – transformed my life as it has been the foundation of much of my research, writing and teaching.

cut rhubarb.jpg

But I digress …. the fact I have the same thing for breakfast is probably more related to the fact that I can sometimes become paralysed by indecision … it is the reason I choose my clothes the night before I go to work in London as otherwise I might miss the train while deciding which jumper to wear.

Anyway, we currently have a lot of rhubarb and I have recently discovered the joys of rhubarb smoothies which I am having for breakfast at the moment. Roast some rhubarb with a little orange juice (or water) – I don’t add sugar. Put some of the cooked rhubarb with a frozen banana and some more orange juice in a liquidiser and blitz it until smooth.


Currently this is being consumed with a boiled turkey egg and sourdough toast and honey … every … single … day.


N.B. Of course if the smoothie was made with home-made raw yoghurt and home-grown apple juice  it would be much nicer, but this goal is still a little way off for us.


5 responses to “Rhubarb Smoothie

  1. looks like a perfect blend to eat for breakfast. Even everyday! Let us know what you switch to next….

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