Overcoming Fear and Kindness


Alpacas are quite large and they can seem scary, especially to children. There was a lovely girl staying on the site who helped feed the lambs with me and Ethan ….

feeding sheep3

feeding sheep2

But she was frightened to feed the alpacas. She wanted to, but was just a little scared. I know how this feels – it is horrible. When I was a child my mum took me and a few friends to a local swimming pool as a birthday treat. There was a slide into the pool. It was quite a steep slide. I sat at the top of the slide for nearly two hours working up the courage to go down while all my friends and everyone else at the pool went down hundreds of times. Finally just before we were about to leave I did it, I slid down the slide once, it was brilliant.

It is rubbish being too scared to do what you really want to do. I am getting better at this, I am better at jumping down the slide.

alpacas chilling out.jpg

I tried to reassure her, but it was Ethan, through his kindness who helped her the most. First of all he fed Juniper to show her it was OK.

Ethan feeding Juniper.jpg

And then in an extraordinarily kind and gentle manner he explained the best way to feed an alpaca. Then they stood together while he fed Peanut

Feeding Peanut

And then she fed Juniper

feeding alpacas.jpg

And loved it


8 responses to “Overcoming Fear and Kindness

  1. Such amazing things happen on a farm. Life long lessons learned for all. Thank you James and Claire for all you provide. Love to you!!!

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