Lamb Fleeces

fleece and sheep.jpg

We have raw Jacob lamb fleeces to sell and giveaway. They are beautiful and soft and perfect for spinning or felting. I am selling them for £4 each +pp. If you would like one, just let me know. (There are also Jacob ewe fleeces available – they are £2 +pp)


Over on Instagram I am also giving away a lamb fleece. All you need to do is find the photo of the sheep and the fleece and leave a comment and tag a friend. Although to be honest, if you just leave a comment here I will add you into the draw which will happen on 23rd June. I will ship the fleece anywhere I am allowed to.

lamb fleeces.jpg

We will also have a couple of alpaca fleeces available very soon as the shearers are coming on Monday.


We also barter – you can have have a fleece or more in exchange for maybe some wool or something else you have made, or will make further down the line.


I would love to have the time to wash and spin, but I don’t right at this moment and would love someone else to be able to make use of the fleeces.


5 responses to “Lamb Fleeces

    • I can add you into the lamb fleece giveaway competition – I will pay the postage on sending the fleece anywhere I can – they are light so I hope it won’t be too much 🙂

  1. Such a clever girl. Make sure you get a few pairs of socks and leg warmers or fingerless gloves out of all that. In trade of course.

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