Daisy Dog

Daisy Dog Tree.jpg

A year ago today my beloved Daisy Dog died. I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly. This is the tree that we all planted on Daisy Dog Day with the sheep and the lambs that she always watches over.

But something beautiful also happened this weekend. James’ uncle Joe came to speak at a conference I organised with a colleague and over and above the fact that he came to visit – which  was utterly fabulous –  he brought with him a gift so special that I can’t really describe it in words: a painting that not only completely captures the likeness of Daisy Dog but her essence of being as well.


Daisy Dog Painting-2.jpg

Crayton saw photos of Daisy Dog, read about her and was moved to paint her. Even  though he never met her, it is as if he perfectly understood who she was. I feel as if one year later she has come back into my life and is again with me.

Thank you Crayton for such a wonderful gift.

I miss my gorgeous, wonderful, stubborn, perfect Daisy Dog




7 responses to “Daisy Dog

  1. Dear Daisy she was such a special dog, I wonder if that painting is acrylic or oil? It does capture her spirit so well. Hope the conference went well , you certainly have some diverse speakers, Pete and Helen and Uncle Joe, I shall be happy to hear how it went!! Xx

    • I am not sure what type of paint was used. Conference was brilliant – so many clever, talented, lovely people 🙂 – I have so many ideas now, but am also exhausted.

      • Glad it went well, I cannot stop looking at the painting there is something so Daisy in it , makes me sad all over again. Please rest up a bit now. Xx

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