Vertical Gardening and Strawberry World

strawberries in gutter.jpg

We have strawberries growing in the gutters. There aren’t a huge amount as the plants are still quite small. I think this might be because many of the plants were small runners saved from the garden. The other larger plants got smothered in weeds last summer, then dug up and transplanted twice as well as left in soggy growbags for a bit so all things considered I think they did very well. I have high hopes for them next year.

strawberry in gutter2.jpg

Growing them in the gutters seems to be working – there is a lot less weeding and they are very easy to harvest!

handful of strawberries.jpg

While I am waiting for more runners to fill the rest of the gutters I have grown a variety of salad vegetables, herbs and peas and broad beans in gutters.

The radishes and lettuces have done very well.

vertical gardening.jpg


The broadbeans and peas are not doing quite so well. I think I will stick to growing them in the ground!

In between the rows of gutters I have courgettes in growbags and these are finally doing well – thanks Penny and Ivan πŸ™‚

courgette flower.jpg

The courgette season has officially begun πŸ™‚


N.B. yes we also have cucumbers in the greenhouse as well …..


6 responses to “Vertical Gardening and Strawberry World

    • It works well for me as I have so little time for weeding and I always struggled to keep the strawberries weed free. I am a little worried about keeping the nutrient level in the gutters up but will add worm juice and alpaca poo to enrich the compost there. Good luck πŸ™‚

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