Smoked Trout Salad

smoked trout salad with taramasalata toasts.jpg

I ate a lot of salad while away last week, largely because the lettuces (and the mangetout) are out of control at the smallholding and we have a lot to get through, they are easy to make late at night so I get to do a bit more writing and because I breakfasted like a king on deliciousness from the Pump Street Bakery and had a couple of little snacks during the day so wasn’t that hungry last thing at night.

Above is a smoked trout salad with mangetout and the first cucumbers of the year (a basic mustard vinaigrette) with some cherry and walnut sourdough toasts with taramasalata from Pinneys (along with the smoked trout).

I had eaten half of the trout for lunch as an open sandwich. Both of these meals would have been improved by some horseradish. I have planted some on the hugelkultur and I really hope it grows. I miss horseradish.

Smoked trout open sandwich.jpg

I may also have made a large salad with lobster and a mayonnaise and yoghurt dressing.

lobster salad.jpg

N.B. I tried the croissants, custard tarts, brownies and doughnuts for breakfast and they were all lovely, but my favourite thing from the Pump Street Bakery are their eccles cakes – these are deliciousness themselves – especially with cheese and extra fruit.


N.B. This smoothie was a rhubarb one but now we have strawberries (and lots of summer raspberries) I have moved on to banana and strawberry smoothies for a while!

5 responses to “Smoked Trout Salad

  1. Tony LOVES the eccles cake as well!! I like the little butter tarts that have a pecan nut on top! Love The Pump Street Bakery xx

    • I thought that St John’s Bread and Wine did the best eccles cakes ever, but they pale into insignificance compared to those of the Pump Street Bakery 🙂 I haven’t tried the butter tarts – I need to go back ….

  2. I LOVE The Pump Street Bakery! I like the little butter tarts with a pecan on top but like you, Tony loves the eccles cakes best of all xx

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