The Best Chickens Ever

hen and chicks.jpg

I think it might be official …. Ixworths are the best chicken ever for sustainable small scale food production. Firstly they are not hybrids so I think they are more robust. Hybrids tend to be over-bred for egg laying or meat – with the former they tend to drop down dead after a couple of years or get internal problems; with the latter often their skeleton can’t support their weight properly.

I have said before how much I love Ixworths as they lay well and you can keep the cockerels as meat birds – this means no male day old chicks getting killed – I hate waste.

But now they have gone one better. Quite a few of our Ixworths went broody and this lovely girl managed to hatch out three little naked neck chicks.


She is justifiably quite proud of herself – she is our first Ixworth to actually hatch out chicks. Last year the silkies and pekins hatched out the Ixworth chicks

I bought some fertile Ixworth eggs from another breeder a month or so ago (for genetic diversity) and managed to hatch out a handful. Hopefully there will be a cockerel among them. As next year I want to dramatically increase our Ixworth flock.

Can you see one peeking out?


Next year, if the cockerel does his job I will hopefully use the Ixworths to hatch out their own eggs.

N.B. they are also a local Suffolk chicken.


5 responses to “The Best Chickens Ever

  1. They are pretty rare but I have discovered a few smallholdings keep them and sell fertile eggs – after the disaster with cockerel no.2 I needed some new blood in the flock! Ours have laid pretty well – until 5 went broody, but they snap out of it quickly if you move them on. But for me the best aspect is the cockerels are a decent size so we can hatch out replacement layers and eat the boys – win, win 🙂

  2. I was thinking about the chicken that thinks it’s a duck – what was it’s name??? Oh yeah Chuck 😉

    • Baby bird is now living with some other chickens – the ducks are going to university soon – should be this weekend but it isn’t going to happen ….

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