new pigs.jpg

We have new pigs – large blacks.


Last week James went and collected three gilts, that is three young female pigs who haven’t yet farrowed.

and bucket.jpg


Uh oh, this can only mean one thing …..


Yes we are planning on breeding pigs next year.

pigs and house.jpg

I am so glad we have got pigs again and especially glad that we have large blacks – I think they might be my favourite.

pig tail.jpg


6 responses to “Girls

    • Aren’t they – you will have to pop round and see them – we also have new chicks that have just hatched + alpaca fleece ….

  1. Okay…as you know, I find pigs a little bit scary…..BUT….those girls are SO cute! How lovely they are. And nice to see them amongst the grass…not that it’ll stay that way for long.

    • Oh me too …. as I tell all the kids on egg collection, don’t lie down with the pigs or they will eat you. However, these are so sweet, I have always liked Large Blacks. Hoping they will eat a bit of the grass down and the stinging nettles ….

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