Peas, Pesto and Pasta


As we have peas and lots of mangetout we are eating them – as you would.

Early in the week I managed to harvest a bunch of basil from the greenhouse so I made a batch of pesto.

pesto and onions.jpg

For pesto whizz up basil, garlic, grated Parmesan, pinenuts and olive oil.


Then I managed to pick enough peas so that there were still some left after I shovelled handfuls into my mouth.


Cook pasta. Just before it is ready add in some sliced mangetout and some peas. Drain. Mix with spoonfuls of pesto, sprinkle with more Parmesan and devour.

basil in greenhouse.jpg



2 responses to “Peas, Pesto and Pasta

  1. Thank you for your comment on Dana’s blog. I had to look up mangetout, I love it when different countries call things by different names! We call them sugar or snap peas!
    I haven’t made real pesto with pine nuts in ages, here pinenuts have escalated to a ridiculas $27 per pound. And the good stuff from Italy can be even more! Plus, some of the cheaper stuff that comes from China can literally change how you taste things for months; people have reported that everything tastes metallic after eating pine nuts from China. Still, pesto with almonds or cashews or even walnuts is quite tasty. I love the fresh flavours of your dish, simple yet so satisfying.

    • Thank you Eva. I really like pesto made with almonds or cashews as well. I rarely grow enough basil to make lots of pesto but this year it is doing a little better 🙂

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