Thank you Christine and Nathan

HK and polytunnel.jpg

Without Christine and Nathan, this would never have happened. Last May (I think) I met up with my lovely friends to chat about all things horticultural, political and cultural. They told me in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t get goats until I sorted out my vegetable garden. Yes, I grew enough food for us, but really the rest of the smallholding was getting more love and attention.

down the middle.jpg

They were totally right. On the train on the way home I meandered around the internet for inspiration. I came across something called hugelkultur. I didn’t know much about it, but it seemed cool so I resolved to build one. Last year with the help of a digger I built two 60×4 foot hugelkultur. I planted about half of one with squash and leeks last year. This year I have nearly finished planting it all with squash, leeks, potatoes, onions, celeriac and brassicas of all sorts. It is now semi-fenced in (after the sheep fiasco last year) and has a beautiful polytunnel behind it.


So thank you Christine and Nathan, without that push I would never have got round to doing this ……

leeks and HK

and of course that means we can now get goats šŸ™‚

onions and potatoes

N.B. Of course we also built our giant fruit cage as well as the raspberry and gooseberry patches as well so all in all the vegetable garden areas are starting to look pretty good. More close-ups of the veggies soon …..

6 responses to “Thank you Christine and Nathan

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  2. Gorgeous spot! Btw Claire, I figured out where to harvest elderflowers and how to make cordials inspired by you and our trip to visit. Of course I went totally over board and make A LOT of syrup. Like 10 liters worth. Wish I could share with you!!

  3. My neighbour and I have started the process of pickling walnuts tonight! How rock and roll are we down here is Essex on a Thursday night! My garden may not have much but I’m trying to make the most of the few things I DO have, like the vine leaves and growing herbs šŸ™‚ Judging by the amount of walnuts we have forked and brined I don’t think it would be a problem sending some your way Claire šŸ˜‰

    • Oh, lovely, yes please. I was too late with the walnuts I tried to pickle last year – they had already started to form the hard shell inside. I was mortified ……

  4. Ah there is a long story behind pickling the walnuts! It has mainly been done to stop my neighbours scrumping šŸ™‚ But since we had to cut down the pine tree that the squirrels lived in we have millions of walnuts. I’m determined to net some off to so we get some ripe ones before the squirrels re-group. Oh and they hadn’t started nesting when we evicted them – honest

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