Courgettes are back


So with some wet onion and cracked eggs I made courgette and mint frittata for lunch.


We don’t sell cracked eggs (obviously) so we eat them instead.

Courgette and mint frittata: courgettes, eggs, onion, mint, cheese – I used some leftover washed rind cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy – maybe Rollright (I can’t remember), but Cardo or any other cheese would work just fine. I always cook the flowers – I hate to waste courgette flowers.

mint and flower.jpg

This is so easy I kind of hate to even write it down, but ….. gently fry the chopped onion in a small or medium frying pan. Add chopped courgette and then a little later the chopped flowers and mint.

cooked courgette

Beat the eggs then add to the pan. Continue to cook. Dot with cheese and pop under the grill. Serve.


James had his in a bun and I had mine as is.



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