Polytunnel Planting

looking east.jpg

It took us longer than we had hoped but we finally have the polytunnel up and running – sort of. James finished the doors and the irrigation.

closeup doors.jpg

looking west.jpg

He also made a couple of rabbit defences to stop the little furry creatures from snacking on my veggies when the doors are open.

rabbit protection.jpg

I have planted a lot of peppers, some aubgerines and cucummbers in grow bags as a start. The plan is to find some time to rotatvate a section so I can plant it with autumn and winter veggies – brassicas, broad beans and onions/garlic.



But we also have to deal with the crazy grass round the edges and in the middle. I am planning to strim then lay down old paper feed bags round the edges before covering with weed block.


grass growing.jpg

We have started strimming round the edges outside and it is looking good, but there is a lot more work to do.

2 responses to “Polytunnel Planting

  1. I keep getting a bit worried about our hols with you and how the great British weather might wash us away and then I get another one of your blog posts in my inbox and get all excited again! Really looking forward to seeing everything in a few weeks time, whatever the weather!!

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