Home-smoked Duck and Pea Risotto


I have been waiting to make this for some time. First I had to grow the ducks and then the peas! I am still experimenting with my stove-top hot smoker (basically a large tin). I think I would have liked to cook it a little less next time as I like my meat rare. I used alder chips – it was good, what else can I say?

duck breasts.jpg

Peas are doing well this year, but I realise there is no such thing as too many peas although there might be such a thing as too many mangetout!


I added a few little white carrots to the risotto. I would like to say that I was diligently thinning my carrots, but this would be a lie, I was pulling out giant weeds and these little cuties came up too. Of course the risotto is delicious by itself and if you don’t use duck stock it is vegetarian.


Pea and Mint Risotto: couple of handfuls of peas, grated Parmesan, duck stock (or veggie stock), mint, onion, garlic (I used a whole bulb as it was wet garlic but you could use a clove or two), white carrots (optional), handful of risotto rice, a slosh of wine. Serves 2

Gently fry the chopped onion, garlic and carrot in some olive oil. When softened add the rice and stir to coat in oil. Slosh in some wine and let bubble. Gradually add the duck stock a little at a time and let simmer very gently. Cook peas in boiling water for a bare minute. When the risotto is nearly done add in the drained peas and then stir through the mint and some Parmesan.

Serve with sliced hot-smoked duck breasts on top, if you want.

smoked duck


Don’t feel bad for our ducks, they live a wonderful life here ….. and have a quick, quiet and unexpected death which to be fair is a pretty good way to go.


9 responses to “Home-smoked Duck and Pea Risotto

  1. No such thing as too many mange tout! The ones you gave me were delicious in a stir fry with the courgette. Question – what takes longer to grow, peas or ducks?? Xx

    • Umm, now that is a question for a new blog post 🙂 All the magetout are now gone – a brief but lovely season. Might have to grow even more next year.

  2. My cousin was a free range duck farmer (dealer) a few years back and got me quite addicted to duck as we were eating it once or twice a week… and then we bred and killed and ate our own Muscovies for a while… now I want some more…

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