Alpacas and Pigs

Making Pig tails straight.jpg

On Saturday’s egg collection we had a special visitor. Eva, the girl who nearly two years ago showed me how to make pig tails straight was back. And she gave a brilliant demonstration on our Large Black gilts.

We were also lucky enough to catch Inky Dinky Do in one of her rare moments where she sits down and lets people stroke her – a magical moment for us all

hugging Inky.jpg

but rubbish photos by me as there was quite a crowd to look after this weekend …. at least 30 children.

Inky Dinky Doo.jpg

Of course we also collected the eggs, fed the chickens and watch Kainaat work the sheep.

2 responses to “Alpacas and Pigs

  1. Ok brief the alpacas to be nice this weekend! I’m finally able to get up to you this Friday!! Hurrah!! I’ve never seen them so tame before!

    • Inky does this a couple of times a year – we think it is when she is in the mood for a boyfriend …. if you get my drift. See you at the weekend 🙂

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