Don’t go to Shingle Street


It is definitely not the best beach in the world. Whatever people tell you, the secret pool is not a fabulous place for a swim at high tide.

Secret Pool.jpg



Dogs don’t like it

Kainaat and ant


It isn’t a great place to hang out with friends

Helen and Ant.jpg

End of the line

There isn’t a wonderful shell line bifurcating the beach.

Shell line2.jpg

Shell line3.jpg



It also isn’t really fun to explore the shingle islands at low tide.

Shingle islands.jpg


It might look calm, warm and stunning, but really it is desolate, windy, full of jelly fish and it has treacherous tides.


And there are pirates


Just for the record we haven’t been there for a swim for the last two days …. and we are certainly not heading back there today and neither should you.






17 responses to “Don’t go to Shingle Street

  1. Good thing to let people know how horrible it is, we have not been either! Swimming in the warm beautiful North Sea, I mean why would you, it is not as if it is right on your doorstep! Xx

  2. Oh sorry, we got the barbi, lilos and load stereo all fired up and ready – we will be invading soon (was that ok Claire? Will that help to scare of more people??)

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