East Lane to Bawdsey


On Wednesday we decided to take a day off. As Shingle Street has been so busy all week we decided to walk from East Lane to Bawdsey along the beach. Is it just here where all the beaches are called lane or street?


It was quite windy but pretty warm and the tide was almost in. This is the critical bit.


Just before you get to Bawdsey you can’t walk along the beach at high tide as there are revetments.



There used to be a path on the top of the revetments, in fact there still is.

way back.jpg

You need to scramble over some rocks, past the sign saying Bawdsey is inaccessible at high tide and then run screaming through the water smashing onto and up over the revetments.


We got soaked, but proved it is not inaccessible – and that’s what counts.

To make up for this we got the ferry from Bawdsey over to Felixstow Ferry and went to the pub for lunch.


Ferry Home

Walking back was easier as the tide was going out.

wood and metal.jpg

Kainaat found a ball and we had the beach to ourselves.

Kainaat and ball.jpg


I swam in the sea. Kainaat joined me for a tiny swim but the waves were quite rough. James kept on walking.

about to swim


It was a fantastic day out.


2 responses to “East Lane to Bawdsey

  1. I love seeing your beach pics! One day I’ll have to bring the kids on a journey across the sea to visit your campsite and walk on shingle street. 🙂

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