Piglet Extraction

Pig Team.jpg

We have a highly trained, top-notch piglet extraction team working here at the smallholding. It is not an easy job to extract squirming piglets from their travelling crate but we are lucky enough to have professionals to help out.

Nathan and Caleb are in charge of initial extraction; James receives the piglet; George makes the wallow – critical in this heat; and Belle overseas everyone making sure the team work together smoothly with no hiccups.

The first extraction went well

the handover.jpg

One down two to go.jpg

And the piglet settled down into the wallow that George was making

George making the wallow.jpg

That left two in the crate.

two left in the crate.jpg

The next extraction wasn’t quite as easy – the piglets didn’t want to come out and see their new home.

Team Pig had to have a rethink. We decided to carry the crate over the hurdles and electric fencing.

carrying the crate.jpg

And then we lured them out

releasing the piggies.jpg

George kept making the wallow and the other two started to explore it

piggies and wallow.jpg

These little piglets are Large Black x Middle Whites. We realised that we would need some more sausages and bacon for our lovely campers before our own homegrown piglets are ready at the end of next year so picked up these three little girls.

happy piggies.jpg

Aren’t they gorgeous?


Oh, and what is my job on Team Pig? Well I am the official photographer of course 🙂

Thank you everyone ……

2 responses to “Piglet Extraction

  1. I just noticed that Nathan was still wearing that red t-shirt on Sunday night when I left him with Caleb, and I bet he’s still going to be wearing it when I get back on Tuesday afternoon!! The kids go a bit ferral don’t they 😉

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