Normally I pick our veggies as and when we want to eat them, but sometimes when friends come to stay I pick a whole bunch of stuff in one go. This is some of the bounty that fed my lovely friends and us over the past weekend. So far it looks like the no-dig potatoes are a success, but more on that later. I am also loving the purple beans.

This was for a lovely early summer vegetable pilav for some other friends a few weeks ago. We had the fruit for dessert with home-made icecream.


Mainly July has been about peas, broad beans, mangetout, new garlic, lettuce and strawberries with the start of the cucumbers and courgettes.


August looks like it will be about brassicas and hopefully tomatoes …..



I have picked a lot of currants, but there are still more to pick and now I am feeling guilty about them.




5 responses to “Harvest

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  2. Make Ribena with the currents?? Well some kind of cordial 😉
    Oh I have a jar of pickled walnuts with your name on them! My kitchen smelt very Christmassy on Monday with all the spices bubbling away in vinegar! Hopefully they should be ok. Have you tried the vine leaves yet?

    • I am making some red currant cordial and cassis with the black currants! Oh pickled walnuts how lovely – thank you. I am going to make yaprak dolma this weekend with the vineleaves …..

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