Broad Bean and Bacon Salad

bean salad

Continuing our slightly broad bean dominated meals I made this salad last week (I think).  I made a lot and had leftovers for lunch the next day. I used chunks of Oxford Sandy and Black smoked belly for it, but I think I would prefer the bacon to be cut a little smaller in future. It also includes courgettes because at this time of year everything includes courgettes.

courgette blossoms.jpg

Broad bean, bacon and courgette salad: podded broadbeans, come chopped up bacon or pancetta, couple of small courgettes, handful of mint, little bit of dill if you have any, juice of a lemon, olive oil, seasoning.

Cook the beans in boiling water, refresh under cold water and then remove the tough outer skins. Gently fry the bacon in a frying pan, add in the courgette, when it is all nearly done, add in the broad beans and herbs. Add the lemon juice and then season to taste – the bacon makes it quite salty.

in the pan.jpg

This is easy-peasy isn’t it?

We had it with homemade ricotta-stuffed courgette flowers which are my favourite – see here for how. This time the ricotta was mixed with a little homemade pesto instead of lemon zest.

salad and stuffed courgette flowers.jpg

Off to write now …. more later


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