No-dig Potatoes


I have just dug up a barrow-load of potatoes. Well actually, that is a lie …. I didn’t dig them up I just moved aside the straw/hay mulch that was covering them and there they were.


You might remember my post earlier this year on no-dig, no-weed mulched potatoes, well the provisional findings are that it is a success. I now have a massive crop of anya potatoes from very little work. The mulch protected the tubers and kept in moisture and the alpaca poo provided ample nutrients.

I think we might be overwhelmed with potatoes this year as an earlier furtling attempt suggests that the other three patches of potatoes might be equally productive.


More on the hugelkultur tomorrow, got to carry on writing now …..

N.B. I planted some more squash where the potatoes had been – hugelkultur is at maximum capacity now ….

8 responses to “No-dig Potatoes

  1. Holy smokes Claire! I’ve never seen potatoes grown this way, this is so freakin neat!!
    You have a lot of starch on your hands but they’re tiny ones and there’s a lot you can do with them 🙂

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