Reason no.1 why I love my polytunnel: I have aubergines growing. For the last 3-4 years I have tried, unsuccessfully, to grow aubergines in my greenhouses and coldframe – they flowered and then rotted. the only time I have manged to grow them was about 5 years ago when I grew them in a small, cheap polytunnel type thing that was Β£50 half price in a garden centre. I loved this first polytunnel but the wind destroyed it in the first winter. I have kept the frame as a fruit cage type thing though and one day soon it will get reinvented again, but I digress …..


The aubergines in the big polytunnel are doing really well and I keep doing the squeeaky, excited aubergine dance …. you know the one ….

crops in polytunnel

The cucumbers in their are also going crazy, even though they were planted after the ones in the greenhouse, they are doing much better. In fact I am harvesting 4-5 cucumbers everyday right now.

I have started trying to stop weeds growing around the edges of the polytunnel using our old paper feed sacks. I need to put more of these down under the future staging and on the path in front of the staging which we bizarrely left uncovered by black plastic – in fact I am going to do that now.

weeds in tunnel.jpg

I am also drying onions, shallots and garlic in there.


7 responses to “Aubergines

  1. I love the colour of the flowers mine are lilac about the same stage as yours. Hope you get your aubergines and me too 😊 x

    • I hope we are both overburdened with aubergines πŸ™‚
      Oh no, I will be showing off when I have actually picked some aubgerines – then I will be unsufferable!

  2. I completely have the hump and am green with envy. My own little garden this year has been almost a complete disaster due to a plague of slugs ( raised beds next year ) and a mini hugelkulture .
    But,,,,aren’t those aubergine flowers beautiful!!!
    Next year your farm gate sales hit will be groaning under the weight of all that produce when your polytunnel is in full swing!

    • Slugs can ruin everything – meanies. I hope to be able sell some veggies, but mainly I want to be able to use them in dishes in my pop-up cafe πŸ™‚

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