Just for the Record


maybe don’t wean your lambs in August with a full campsite ….

Yesterday we decided to wean the lambs – they are more than 3 months old, it seemed like an OK idea. Last year, according to the blog, it didn’t go too badly. We separated the ewes into one field and ran the lambs down into the orchard. Kainaat helped.


Everyone seemed happy.

Until it got dark and then the lambs started to baa. And they baa-ed and baa-ed all night long. And their mums then joined in.

I kind of think it was a couple of the lambs instigating it. Sophie and Echo are very attached to their mums and vice versa. Both mums had single lambs and were first time mothers, it is good that they were careful mums, but it made weaning on a smallholding that is also a campsite pretty much impossible.

We are really sorry to everyone who was kept awake by them.

And yes, the mums are now back with the lambs, we will give it another go sometime mid-week in September….. maybe


One response to “Just for the Record

  1. Oh bless em 😉 It will be fun to read the campsite reviews for this month. “Lovely site but sheep too noisy”

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