We eat a lot of leftovers. I had made lovely mustard/honey chicken kebabs, roast harissa new potatoes and cacik last Sunday for dinner. There was not enough leftovers for dinner the next day.

So I fried up an onion, a  courgette and the heart of a leftover celery. Then I caramalised a little tomato puree in the pan before adding a tin of drained chickpeas and deglazing a little with a splash of sherry vinegar. I added the leftover potato (chopped up a bit) and the chicken along with some chopped up a few wrinkled leftover olives and some homemade pickled lemon. I poured in a  little sherry to loosen it slightly along with another spoonful of harrisa and we had an amazing seasonal, spicy dinner that we ate with the leftover cacik.

We eat variations on this a lot, usually without the meat.

Yes, it would be nice to have a recipe and photos for the kebabs and potatoes, but it was Sunday and I was exhausted so you get Monday leftovers instead … sorry.

One response to “Leftovers

  1. Hahah!!
    Don’t be sorry! Leftovers are the sh*t, some literally make the best dinners because it’s just an amalgamation of other goodness – all combined.
    *whispers*… magic

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