Abundant Hugelkultur


The hugelkultur is full and thriving. Above is the view from the sheep fields looking west. In the bottom right you can see where I dug up my anya potatoes and replanted with squash.

I am growing potatoes, leeks, onions, shallots, celery, celeriac, squash and a little bit of sweetcorn.

leeks and onions.jpg

onions, celery and potatoes.jpg


And lots of different brassicas all grown under enviromesh to stop the cabbage white caterpillars.

Here is a comparison between onions and shallots planted at the back of my house in a shallow bed, (which to be fair might not have got a lot of water and had old compost in – but did benefit from the addition of lots of alpaca poo) and those planted a month later on the hugelkultur – the large ones are from the hugelkultur!

onion:shallot comparison.jpg

Overall, I am very pleased with the hugelkultur beds: it is abundant, easy to look after and is retaining water well. Mulching and growing squash and potatoes has really helped keep the weeds down as well.

N.B. The only fertiliser used is alpaca poo and no pesticide or other chemical is used as we garden organically

N.B. The potted lavender that makes an appearance in a couple of photos is from the lovely Karen at the Suffolk lavender farm. I took her some turkey hens and she is going to grow me some lavender to plant on the campsite in exchange for some honey and ducks – I love bartering.

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