Deconstructed salad and raspberries


Everything is so fresh right now that it is nice to eat things as simply as possible.


Pick and chop a cucumber, add a chopped heirloom tomato, some shredded basil and diced onion. Pour over olive oil and add sprinkle of sea salt and a squish of lemon.

This is my lunch every… single … day at the moment.



And for breakfast it is raspberries with yogurt and honey every … single … day  – no smoothies as the raspberries are just too good to whizz up.


I am growing my autumn raspberries on the east side of the house and they are thriving here – more luck than judgement if I am honest.

Every year I pull up some raspberry suckers and plant a new row or two.

While I wait for more suckers to completely fill this space with raspberries I have  planted some beans (borlotti and runner) here and some corn that I planted very late so who knows if we will get any.


tiny corn


5 responses to “Deconstructed salad and raspberries

  1. Claire, why is everything now deconstructed? What does it mean?
    Does my head in, it is just a salad isn’t it?


    • A ‘deconstructed salad’ is a salad that isn’t mixed up that was written about by an academic in the final throes of finishing writing a book which is full of deconstruction – sometimes the day job seeps in 🙂

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