Have I mentioned that in the summer every day at 6pm egg collection happens on the campsite. Egg collection involves me, around 25 children and sometimes, on the good days, their parents visiting the smallholding

Of course it isn’t just about collecting eggs, we cuddle chickens.



We feed the alpacas – well we feed Juniper – while carefully not looking into her eyes


And we jump over electric fences to cuddle pigs and to tickle their bottoms to make their tails straight.



We have a lot of fun


So why is the title today gin you ask?

Ever heard the expression to drive someone to drink ?

Tonight I need a gin!



3 responses to “Gin

  1. Do what the Featherdown folk do, rent the campers their own chook or two as well as a small ridiculously cute chook house (a winter project perhaps) for the duration of their stay. The campers still get that feel good, down on the farm feeling and some eggs and you get a bit of income, maybe enough to pay for the gin!

    I wandered over from Food is the Best Shit Ever and have had a lovey time reading the archives. I absolutely love what you are doing on your smallholding and am amazed that you have the energy to do it all let alone write about it. Cheers Sal

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